Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't worry my sleep walking is not a problem, yet...

In case you didn't know, I am a sleepwalker. I've only been told what I do in my sleep and quite frankly I am way more productive while sleepwalking than I ever am awake - or so I've been told because I can't remember anything I do.

The other night I was tossing and turning due to being hot as all hell. I woke up many times sweating and it's not even summer. Welcome to the life of "living above the boilers" aka it's freaking hot all the time.

Derek is very sweet and asks me how I slept over google chat because he usually leaves before me in the morning. Usually I respond with "ok" but this time I laid down some truth. I was HOT. Yes capital HOT and thus did not sleep well.

Derek then said "well the bedroom window was open a crack".

This lead me to believe that I opened the window in my sleep. This is a completely rational thought considering that I am a sleepwalker and was thinking about opening the window.

me: so wait, did I open the window in my sleep?

Derek: no, I opened it before we went to bed - just a crack.

me: oh thank God because I thought I opened it in my sleep. You know you could have totally acted like I did open the window and I wouldn't have known.

Derek: yea but I only like to mess with you when it's really funny.

Thank you Derek. My sleepwalking is hilarious BTW and if it's not hilarious it's at least Paranormal Activity level frightening (still sorry Germana). You could have convinced me that I opened the window and I would have believed it. Hey, at least I no longer wander outside to check out dinosaur bones or set up a sleeping area on the floor for ghosts imaginary people. Although if you want to see some sleepwalking parlor tricks just give me Dimetapp. I promise hilarious results.


  1. Hi thanks for coming by my blog! That's a cute conversation and it's sweet that he's got a sense of humor about it in a considerate way. I've always slept with my eyes open (not all the time but sometimes it creeps the hell out of people). I also talk in my sleep all the time. One time my cousin and I had a 2 hour conversation while I was asleep. My boyfriend sometimes messes with me because he knows it affects my dreams sometimes so he'll talk back to me and rile up fake arguments or confuse me and my dreams get warped, lol.

    I'd love to hear some of the funny things you've been caught doing while walking in your sleep, but I hope that you're always safe and it never becomes something where you can injure yourself.

    1. I should write a blog post about that. I have quite a few sleepwalking stories. Luckily as I've gotten older the sleepwalking has decreased.

  2. My son used to sleep walk. It can be as scary as it can be funny...but you know that.

    1. Luckily I'm a sleepwalker who listens when told to go back to bed