Friday, April 25, 2014

Better Than Ezra at the Paradise

When Monica was planning her trip to Boston she asked me if I wanted to see Better Than Ezra with her. I said of course because I love 90s music.

The show was at the Paradise which is one of my favorite venues in Boston. It's small enough to provide an intimate feel but you have a bit of room to move around. We hung out up on the balcony. There was no line at the two bars on the balcony. That's my little tip for you.

The opening act was a little too mellow but Better Than Ezra was pretty good. They incorporated some popular songs into their set as well. I really liked the transition from one of their songs into Royals.

There was one aggravating part of the night when two middle aged men started to get into a fight. Apparently this guy was "standing in his spot" so the other guy shoved him back into the wall practically throwing him on me. Let's just say I had a few choice words for the shover. I have no tolerance for that BS. I was close to alerting security but they ended up stopping before I could flag someone down.

Who knew 90s concerts could get so rowdy.


  1. Never heard of this group. I'm not sure why, but somehow I missed the 90's. Were they fun?

    1. Their most popular song was Good.

      The 90s were awesome but then again that's probably just childhood nostalgia talking.