Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dinner and Divergent in Boston (definitely not in Salem)

Last night Derek and I wanted to keep it low key. I had to get up early today to bring Bosco to the vet so a dinner and movie night seemed like a good idea.

We had dinner at Rock Bottom where a woman asked me if she was in Salem. I told her that no, she was in Boston. I think she may have been a bit intoxicated. Salem and Boston are nowhere near each other.

Rock Bottom brews their own beer in-house and it's pretty good. I usually go for the White Ale which tastes similar to a Blue Moon.

 Derek had no idea I snapped this photo. I'm sneaky like that.

I loved the window decals. The W Hotel right across the street is a great place to grab a cocktail.

After dinner we still had time to kill before Divergent so we had a drink at Intermission Tavern.

photo from Intermission Tavern website.

Intermission is small but usually not too crowded. We had no problem finding a seat at the bar. We starting talking to two engineers who were in town from California for a convention. Derek and I somehow always end up talking to people visiting from out of town. I like to think that they tell people back home how friendly people in Boston are.

Intermission also has a leg lamp.

Divergent was good. The movie was very close to the book so I was happy about that. Derek said it started out as a good Sci-fi but the parts between Four and Tris were a little too much for him, which is understandable. It was a bit sappy. He hasn't read the book so I was interested to see what he thought.

Kate Winslet was great as Jeanine.

I'm lucky my boyfriend let's me drag him to YA movies.

Speaking of Derek, today is his birthday so we're heading to one of our favorite places for dinner and drinks tonight. I can't wait!

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