Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gown ups only night at the Children's Museum

Things I did at the Children's Museum last night

+ Blew bubbles in the bubble room.

+ Learned about what to expect in kindergarten

+ Got a bunch of people to sit on tiny chairs that looked like they did something. They did nothing so let's just sit on tiny chairs with strangers and drink beer.

+ Got my face painted.

+ Played "dodge ball" on the light up floor.

+ Attempted to climb a mini rock wall (it's a lot harder than it looks!)

+ Learned about "riding the bus" to school. Fiona's driving was out of control! She's not even looking at the pretend road.

+ Toured an authentic Japanese house.

We had so much fun. I think the dodge ball game on the light up floor was my favorite part followed closely by the Japanese house.

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