Monday, April 28, 2014

Mini day trip - Sleepwalker sculpture and Wahlburgers

Today I took Monica on a mini road trip outside of Boston.

Back in February I told her about the Sleepwalker sculpture at Wellesley College and we decided we should check it out when she came. Apparently there is some controversy over the sculpture due to it being a man in his underwear in the middle of a women's college campus. 

It took a bit of driving around the campus to find it and then once we found it we had to figure out where we could park. Apparently we came during an open house so there were a lot of people exploring the campus. The campus is quite pretty and had a bit of a wooded rural feel to it.

The Sleepwalker does seems a bit out of place when you consider the rest of the campus. You certainly won't miss it.

A little too realistic. Sorry but I have to share the creepiness.

A meeting of two sleepwalkers, although I don't sleepwalk as much anymore.

Monica and the Sleepwalker

After taking our creepy photos we hit the road towards Hingham to go to Wahlburgers which is owned by Paul Wahlberg, older brother of Donnie and Mark Wahlberg.

Since the realty tv show Wahlburgers started airing the restaurant has become very busy. I've heard you can expect a two hour wait if you try to go during the weekend. On a Monday afternoon we had no problem getting service. The only wait was for the woman ahead of us who had to ask twenty questions. It's a burger joint lady, it's not that complicated.

The burger was good but we both ordered ours medium well and they were both very pink, barley even medium. We ate them anyways, not a big deal but next time I'll order well done. I would say it was an average burger - not the best I've had but not the worst. The burger sauce was the best part of the burger for me.

After our burger eating we headed over to Beer Works and had a really tasty blueberry beer then home for a quick nap before another round of trivia, this time at Harry's.

It's back to work for me tomorrow while Monica explores the city on her own. I'm writing detailed T directions for her.

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