Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The most comfortable flats you'll ever own

I love heels but heels do not love me. I work in an office but I spend a good deal of time getting up and down from my desk so I prefer to wear flats. Finding a comfortable and affordable flat can be hard. I think I have found the perfect pair of flats.

Behold the Chelsea Flat from Payless.

There is no break in period. They are super comfy the moment they come out of the box. 

I have three pairs - the gold glitter, silver glitter and black patent. I love glitter shoes but I always worry about leaving a trail of glitter wherever I go. With these shoes the glitter stays put. There are many non-glitter colors if that's not your style. I probably wear the black patent ones the most.

Right now they're on sale for $16.99. I'm tempted to buy more because I still don't have all the colors and I'm worried that someday Payless might stop selling them and then what will I do?

If you have any recommendations for comfy flats, feel free to share.


  1. Have these flats and love them! I added bows to the toes for an extra girly touch :)