Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A shout out to the funny ladies

I'm finally watching The Heat for the first time and I just can't handle Melissa McCarthy.

"That cat took one look at your shitty shitty life, and said nooooo fucking thanks."

"It was a terrible resume. He mentioned prison, and in Special Skills he said, Keeping it real."

Have you seen her in the Hidden Valley Ranch focus group skit on SNL? Amazing.

Kate McKinnon is another one who cracks me up the second she appears on screen. She is easily the most talented cast member on SNL right now.

I'm eating Velveeta mac & cheese and it's reminding me of my BFF Melissa as that was one of our late night snacks of choice from days of yore. Can't wait for her to return to Boston. I'm also eating turnip because I need some sort of veggie and I weirdly love turnip.

TURNIP it's not just for Thanksgiving.


  1. The Heat is one of my favorite movies now. It's so funny. I saw it twice in theaters and cackled both times.

    "That was never your cat, was it?"

    1. I need to watch it again. I never saw it in theaters. Clearly I missed out.

    2. I love you.
      One of my fav parts in The Heat is when the dude is passed out at the bar and Melissa McCarthy is like, "you're covered in nuts"
      Also! When she is on SNL and does that game show....if you haven't seen that you need to watch it. Pass...the....mash! She is so funny I cannot handle it at all.