Monday, May 19, 2014

In defense of selfies

I'm pretty sure this sweet boy is allergic to his low carb cat food.

Can you blame him? Low carb sounds horrible. I'm switching back to his old wet food to see if he stops licking his poor little feet so much.

I feel like the biggest jerk in the world. Derek got me some really lovely jewelry for our two year anniversary and I got him nothing. I thought we weren't doing gifts this year.

Derek actually pays attention to what I wear and like and because of that is a very good gift giver.

Classy classy on my wrist.

I think I have an idea in mind to make up for it though. I know it's something he'll like.

I've decided to start posting more photos on my blog again. I went through a period where I posted a lot of photos and then I sort of stopped. I think I'm having a blogging identity crisis.

I vote for more selfies and since it's my blog I win the vote.

I think I look like my mom when she was younger here. I love that.

I think selfies get a bad rap. I love looking at other people's self portraits whether it be a photo or a painting. People are nosey, or maybe that's just me. I love that I live in the age of social media and sharing.

I rarely post selfies on facebook. I feel more comfortable posting them on my blog or instagram. It seems less obnoxious that way.

I think it's time to admit that Derek is a better cook than me.

I'm not bad but he's very good at adding spices and flavors to food. I'm good at baking so at least there's that.

My neighborhood continues to provide entertainment. A couple was fighting outside my window pretty hard core. She was slapping him and he was pushing her away. At one point he shoved her hard enough that she fell to the ground. I almost called the police but then she screamed a few more fuck yous and took off running down the street.

This is my favorite part of my bathroom. My little dish with my "pretty things". I can't wait to one day have an actual home of my own that I can put up shelves and paint the walls and put all the pretty things on my shelves. Renting kind of sucks sometimes as does living in Allston.


  1. My nephew loves taking selfies and since he's adorable, I'm 100% OK with it!

    1. Mine too! I love my nephew's selfies :)