Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's just a box guys

The cats are currently battling over a cardboard box. I put an Amazon box in the hall closet and Bosco has been sleeping on it for the past couple of weeks. I left the box there because he seemed to really enjoy it. I am a cat mom who caves easily. Suddenly Mr. Binx has decided that he now wants to sleep on the box. The battle has been going on every morning for the past couple of days. Mr. Binx sneaks in there when Bosco comes out to eat and then gets mad when Bosco tries to reclaim the spot. Sibling rivalry at it's finest.

Last night I met up with my friend Melissa for dinner at our favorite burrito place, Boloco. We had ourselves a mini feast of burritos, chips and shakes. I was beyond stuffed but it was so good.

There seems to be a bit of a guacamole discrepancy at different Bolocos. Whoever makes the guacamole at the Boloco near my work puts a ton of jalapenos in their guac. This is not good for someone who gets heartburn just looking at spicy food. I decided to order my burrito with guacamole at a different location and it was perfectly fine. No burning! I guess I'll have to forgo the guac at my work location. Sad times for this guacamole fan.

I recently finished Cress by Marissa Meyer which is the third book in the Luna Chronicles.

This series is quickly becoming a favorite. The world building and characters are fantastic. Marissa Meyer breathes new life into classic fairy tales. Cress is a hacker that has been imprisoned on a satellite for seven years. Cinder the cyborg (who was the star of the fist book in the series) is still one of my favorite characters but Captain Throne probably has the best lines in the book.

I can't wait for Winter which is the fourth book in the series. Unfortunately Winter will not be available until 2015. I can tell this will be a series that I'll go back and re-read in the future.


  1. Time to order something else from Amazon.

    1. I guess so. Must keep the peace right?