Friday, June 6, 2014

You don't want to know what songs your mother is trying to download

I checked on my geese on the way to work yesterday. They were gone for a little while but now they are back with more friends. The little babies are growing up fast. I keep telling them that they could probably find a nicer place to raise their little ones but they think a grassy underpass near stagnant water in the city is a great location.

My car is back in the shop again. Lucky me! Another repair that will cost me a couple hundred dollars. I didn't even know there was a "service engine soon light", I thought there was just a "check engine light"! I don't know much about cars as you can see. Any other get your car checked out soon lights I should know about?

Moving onto other frustrating things, my mother called me last night asking me for help downloading songs from itunes. I couldn't figure out what was wrong so I asked her to text me a picture of her screen and got this via text.

My mom is trying to download Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. I don't really have anything else to say.

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