Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Someone fix me or buy me a sippy cup

I have broken three items of glass in the past three weeks. I need to learn how to control my arms or buy items that are not glass.

If you were wondering if you get smarter with age, no you do not. You just become more stubborn.

After breaking glass item number 3 in the bathroom I started cleaning up the glass with no shoes. Can you see where this is going? Glass right in the foot. So I sit on the toilet and dig the glass out with tweezers. I hobble out of the bathroom to find a band-aid leaving a trail of blood. The cats are trying to get into the bathroom where the broken glass is. 

I sweep, I mop I take a lint roller and start rolling it on the floor to pick up microscopic bits of glass. Derek comes into the bedroom and tells me there's still bits of glass. I give up and I am just going to wear shoes all the time. I'll make kitten mittens for the cats and call it a day.

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