Thursday, June 19, 2014

Left Alone With a Sex Offender, a Teacher Is Raped and sadly this is not an Onion headline

Sometimes I wonder if we're actually living in that movie Idiocracy.

I was reading this article about a teacher in an Arizona prison who was raped by a sex offender after administering a high school equivalency test. There were no guards near by, just a radio for her to summon for help. Oh and that radio was set to the wrong channel.

One would think state prison officials would say that they will do everything they can to increase security. Well you would be wrong. This is what the prison officials had to say about the incident.

"State prison officials, however, dismiss the concerns. They say the assault at the prison about 60 miles southeast of Phoenix is a risk that comes with the job of overseeing violent prison inmates."

No big deal guys she knew what she was getting into. Are you kidding me? Yes there is a risk but I would at least expect basic security measures to help keep a civilian worker safe.

"Department of Corrections spokesman Doug Nick said classrooms at prisons across the state are having cameras installed. But he said no administrative investigation was launched because there was no need, and no one was disciplined. He said all prisons are dangerous places and staff are trained accordingly."

No administrative investigation after a woman was raped? If you had one guard there this never would have happened. Why would the classroom not have cameras? You're in a prison! Shouldn't you have cameras everywhere the inmates are?

Someone please restore my faith in humanity.


  1. That is ludicrous. I also don't understand how so many convicts are able to commit suicide inside the prison. Again, where are the cameras?

    1. It's just crazy to me that they didn't have any in that room

  2. That makes me a little sick.