Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A PSA about dick pix

Apparently this needs to be said because it's still happening.

No one wants to see your dick pix. I have never once in my life met a woman who was thrilled about receiving an unsolicited picture of your private bits. Do you go up to a woman in a bar and say "hey there" and then drop your pants? NO! It's inappropriate in person and on the internet.

No woman is going to be impressed. No woman is going to want to sleep with you for sending a dick pic. In fact she's probably telling all her friends about what an idiot you are. In fact she may also send it to your mother because I'm sure she didn't raise you that way.

So just STOP. Stop making a fool out of yourself and stop treating woman like crap because that's what you're doing. Stop getting mad when a woman calls you out on sending pictures that she does not want. STOP.

*No I am not using online dating at the moment because I have a boyfriend who I met online and did not send me a dick pic. I'm very glad Tinder was not around two years ago because I probably would have lost all faith in online dating.

And I am O-U-T

*drops mic*


  1. Preach it! I can't imagine what is going through a guy's head when he does this.

    1. my guess is nothing is going on in their head, they have no brain activity if this is what they do.

  2. I avert my eyes when I am in the shower, not posting that image anywhere!

    1. ha ha yea the internet does not need to see me naked