Thursday, August 14, 2014

Don't crowd surf if you want to keep your shoes

Although it's now Thursday let me tell you about the show I went to way back on Monday night at the House of Blues. I finally got to see a band that I've loved since high school. The Offspring.

My friend Germana and I were pretty big fans of the Americana album when it came out back in 1998. Pretty Fly for a White Guy, which was probably their biggest hit, was off of that album. This tour the Offspring were playing the entire Smash album, which is also a very good album.

You never know what you're going to get when you see a band live. Sometimes the energy or music is off which is always disappointing. Some bands just don't translate well out of the studio (Linkin Park comes to mind with this. No energy on stage at all). Despite the members of the Offspring being in their 40s and 50s they put on an amazing and energetic show. They have more energy than I do and they're in the middle of a tour.

Here's Dexter Holland, the lead singer, doing his thing.

We got pretty close to the stage but were away from the crowd surfing area. I really have no desire to be groped and have articles of clothing stolen. I saw one guy crowd surfing who had his shoes taken off. He was pissed when people wouldn't give them back to him. This is why I don't crowd surf. I'd like to keep my shoes on my feet.

One job I would never want to have - the security guy near the stage who has to pull the sweaty gross crowd surfers over the barrier once they get to the front. No thank you. Couldn't pay me enough for that plus I'm small and would be knocked over.

I haven't been going to as many shows as I used to, especially local shows. I need to head out more with my girl Bishop and Rook. She knows where it's at with the local music scene. The nice thing about living in Boston is that pretty much all of the major acts come here but there is also a great local music scene.

Long live live music!


  1. Love The Offspring! We saw Paramore and Fall Out Boy recently and they were incredibly entertaining! I used to be a big Linkin Park fan, that surprises me that they lack energy on stage!

    Agreed, about the security and sweaty people.

    1. I really want to see Paramore.

      Linkin Park just stood in the same spot on the stage. It was weird and just no energy behind the performance. Maybe it was just an off night.