Friday, August 15, 2014

Dreaming of Michael Cera

I really have the weirdest dreams. I know people hate reading about other people's dreams so I will keep this short.

In my dream I was at work and suddenly Michael Cera comes over and hands me a file. He's wearing a blue blazer and colorful sweatpants that looked like they were from the late 80s.

This is an odd choice of attire for a law firm Michael Cera.

I say to Michael "hey, long time no see!" Apparently I know him? One of my co-workers was like "oh you already know Michael Cera?" "Oh yea, of course I do." Right dream, Ginny ok........

After talking with Michael in my dream he decided to quit acting and work as a legal assistant for a law firm where he could be free to wear blue blazers and colorful sweatpants.

Please, I already know I'm weird. I've learned to accept that.


  1. I could see Michael Cera as a legal assistant at a law firm. Just not in those pants. There's a message in that dream, most definitely.

    1. ha ha yea I can't figure out what the message is but there's something going on.