Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm already in long weekend mode

Ello ello, it's almost time for the long holiday weekend. There are no attorneys in the office tomorrow so I'm sure there will be some client demanding that they speak to an attorney. It always happens before a holiday.

How is it almost September? Summer just flew right on by. I really hope fall takes its time. No need to rush winter please, I still haven't recovered from it.

Blimp races! I'm not sure if that's what was actually happening here but there were more blimps and they were all following each other so I'd like to think it was some sort of race.

No photos of my in this post but don't fret for I have included a sleeping Bosco who is probably much cuter than me anyways.

Mr. Furlong and Mr. Chin. I really think you should consider a new name. FurChin just doesn't sound right. All I can think of is bearded ladies and how is that going to get me thinking about my real estate needs?

Ok time to finish watching Jurassic Park. I'm at the part where Timmy says he's going to throw up after the car gets thrown over the cliff by the T-Rex. I feel ya Timmy. I threw up one time from fear/adrenaline and that was after being attacked by wasps. Not as scary as a T-Rex flinging me off a cliff after trying to eat me but it felt that scary at the time.


  1. We had the same thing in my office, customers seem to love to wait until 4:30 day before a three day weekend to call in a problem!


  2. I can't believe it's almost September either! Crazy how fast the year has gone by. Also, FurChimp... haha now there's a funny name! :P


    1. I love fall but I really wanted a bit more of summer. The year really is going by fast.

  3. Hey, enjoy the holiday weekend! I love the blimp races - who knew? FurChin up!