Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I'm stealing a tradition from my BFF Melissa. Melissa had a photo blog and she would always take a photo of the dispensers in the woman's bathrooms in bars. I am taking on the task of photographing the dispensers in bathrooms. I do this in honor of you Melissa. You are dead to me now that you've moved to Colorado. JK you're dead to me because you don't blog anymore. I find it amusing that they always have the bar's name on it. Is anyone going to steal the dispenser? This is also way over priced. No one is going to pay $1.00 for a condom. Make that shit free if you want to prevent babies.

After trivia (which we lost) Derek and I tried to catch the bus but then realized the bus was not coming for a long time. It was very windy and things got very dramatic.

Germana is too cool for me. She should have dumped me back in 1997.

We had to go back to the Green Briar since our bus was not coming forever. This was not the worst thing in the world.

So we hung out with our friends a little longer. Someone working at the Briar came over and told us we under paid. Um what? We paid with three credit cards and I wrote on the check to put the remainder on my card. I'm not the best at math but this does not add up. When we got a copy of the receipt it showed two credit cards and cash which is funny because no one paid in cash. So my card is probably going to be billed something way over the amount I owe.

Hey but trivia was fun and I learned no one really cares about the Beach Boys.


  1. I've always wanted to do trivia but haven't been able to do it yet. And WTF at the bill issue?

  2. Tampax... Advil... Tampax... Condom...

    Not necessarily in that order?

    1. ha ha is there a method to the placement? Now I'm wondering.