Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to take an expensive bath

There was a Suzanne Somers diet book at work so I took a peak. Here's what I learned.

"Every once in a while it's fun to be a little crazy: a warm bath of rose petals while sipping a frosty Fruit Smoothie."

Is there any water in this bath? I was thinking a couple of rose petals would do but no that is not crazy enough. You must buy out the flower shop and laugh about how you have enough money to drown yourself in roses.

Ah yes I also end my day sipping on ginger tea, nibbling on fresh fruit, surrounded by beautiful lace. This is after my rose petal bath. I feel myself getting thinner already!

I'm no Suzzane Somers but you'd never guess that I busted the zipper on my skirt right before I took these photos. It's called composure.


  1. I tried the rose thing, forgot to remove the stems and thorns.

    Great composure.

  2. Suzanne Somers does not bathe in water. She bathes in the tears of those who pay for her fitness stuff.

    1. ha ha sounds about right. Tears and rose petals.

  3. A rose petal bath?? That would drive me up a wall for so many different reasons!