Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm trying to be sympathetic but it's just not happening

If you follow me on social media you're probably tired of hearing me talk about the return of the college students. I promise to stop after this. Well, unless something really blogworthy happens.

I knew riding the T to work this week would be miserable. Yesterday there were college students who didn't have money on their Charlie cards and do not understand the concept of moving into the train. The T driver was shouting lovely things over the speaker such as "riding the T is a privilege!" I pay to ride the T lady so no, I do not consider paying for this hell ride a privilege. A dose of rage is a good way to start your day.

After work I stopped by my local supermarket and noticed that the shelves were stocked with the essentials.

There were also classic stainless steel flasks if you want to class it up a bit.

I am trying to have patience and be sympathetic for these college kids out on their own for the first time but when they mess with my commute and keep me awake on a work night I just can't. Clearly I'm too old to live in Allston.


  1. Just keep a taser and some smoke bombs handy and you'll be fine.

  2. I've grown more patient with college kids since I became the mom of two of them, but that's not saying I'm all that patient. Just more than I was. Interesting that the "pocket pubs" show up at the same time as the studious(?) students.

    1. I think once I get some sleep I will be more understanding ha ha.

  3. Pocket pub? That's hilarious, but I definitely feel your pain!