Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm becoming senile

Last week I ordered some sweaters online. Two weeks later the sweaters still hadn't come in. I figured two weeks was enough time so I start searching my email for my order confirmation but nothing comes up. I check my bank account and there's nothing posted. I sat there for a good minute before I had to admit that I must have never ordered the clothes. I could have sworn I did. I mean I was checking the mail everyday looking forward to my new sweaters. 

So I'm losing my mind. It was nice having it for 30 years. Thank God my mother gave me this bell with my name on it last night so I can remember who I am.


  1. Last week, I got into the passenger side of the car to drive myself to work. Senility is hitting us both.

  2. I think I might have done that before, but I can't remember for sure... which makes me think I actually did do that before. Hmm.. did you end up ordering the sweaters?

  3. Lol... this is hilarious! I don't think this has happened to me YET but I know it's gonna happen one day!


  4. Oh boy, I know that feeling. I could give you a dozen examples of my memory lapses just from the past few weeks. I only have a few grey hairs, but my brain is clearly getting old.

  5. Okay now I feel better. But did you finally buy the sweaters?