Thursday, October 9, 2014

The news is dying and Buzzfeed is killing it.

The news is dying guys. Sites like Buzzfeed and Mashable are taking over. I'm tired of "18 times a pizza looked like a Disney character" being considered news. This is the crap I'm seeing on CNN. CNN should not be modeling their site after Buzzfeed.

I miss real reporters reporting real news. I came across this article on that literally copied an Urban Dictionary entry for fishbowl and posted it. Shine up that Pulitzer. Don't forget to thank Urban Dictionary  and "copy and paste" when you accept your prize.

Even is getting in on the news that's not news action. I go to check the weather and maybe see weather related news and instead I get "the 10 worst places to live". You are! Tell me about the weather!

Video news stories with no summary below drive me bonkers too. Sometimes I just want read about what happened not watch a video with 10 ads before I can get to the actual video to find out what happened.

Thank you for ruining the news Buzzfeed.


  1. 100% with you on the video stuff. Big pet peeve!!

  2. Too true. My theory is that you can try to keep up with current events, but no one knows what really went on until a few years later when a really persistent reporter writes a book that exposes all the hard truths.

  3. 10 Ways Buzzfeed is Ruining the News, You'll Never Believe What Happens Next!