Sunday, October 5, 2014

Well it is October

I went to my first Halloween party of the month yesterday. A bit early but I like to celebrate Halloween all month anyways.

This year I went with a classic. A witch. Honestly I didn't have time to be more creative but I was happy with it. I already had a dress so I just bought a hat and the socks.

Annabelle doll made an appearance.

Michael Kennedy was in attendance as well. No football playing allowed!

While I was waiting for the bus I got a thumbs up and a "nice hat". Kerri has a friend in town from Germany and she said that they don't really do Halloween parties in Germany unless you're a college student and it's more like an American themed party. She loved the party. I mean who doesn't love Halloween parties.

After we danced and ate at the party we went down the street to the Last Drop to show off our costumes. As per usual there some "interesting" people at the Drop. Luckily no illegal Irish men offered me money to marry them for a green card this time.


  1. Hollah!!! Great time - And more Halloween Parties to come!!!

  2. Ha! Tis' the season (though I agree...a bit early!)

  3. Hallloooooweeeeeeeen! I love October!

  4. Hey there, pretty witch. I love the R2D2 costume. That girl was clearly inspired.

    1. It was a tin man costume that she altered. It came out awesome.