Sunday, January 4, 2015

Defy by Sara B. Larson: Everyone knows you're a girl!

I've finished my first book of 2015!

Defy is a YA novel that's very heavy on the romance. On the Twilight eye roll scale it's like an 8 out of 10. I knew this going into Defy so I was prepared.

Alexa's parents are killed in a fire by a powerful dark sorcerer. Alexa's twin brother Marcel come up with a plan to save Alexa from being thrown into the breeding houses. They're going to Arya Stark this and cut off Alexa's hair and pretend she's a boy so they can join the king's army. Sounds better than a breeding house to me.

So flash forward a few years later and Alexa goes by Alex, is wrapping up her boobs and is the best fighter in the prince's personal guard with her brother. The king is an evil son of a bitch and the king's son Damien acts like a spoiled brat. Ah but it's all a ruse my friends. I mean a prince that hot couldn't be bad right? The other love interest is another guard named Rylan.

It was pretty obvious to me that everyone pretty much knew Alex was actually a girl. Each time someone reveals they know she's a girl Alexa is all "how did you know!!!" Apparently even with her haircut she's too feminine looking and Alexa is the only one who can't figure this out. The best part is when she whines to the prince "you had your shirt off around me and you knew I was girl?"

Alexa, Rylan and the prince are kidnapped and they trek through the jungle for weeks. All three are forced to sleep in a small tent together where they're gasp touching!

There is so much blushing happening in this book. If I turned it into a drinking game I would have been wasted after one chapter. If Alexa isn't blushing she's tilting her head back and staring into someone's eyes.

They're both so dreamy and strong.

Alexa does tell one suitor that she's in love with the other so she's not trying to lead the poor sap on. It was pretty clear to me who she was really interested in. Of course the two love birds can't be together by the end of the book because then what romantic struggle would be left for book two?!

The plot was much more interesting when the romance took a back seat. There were many opportunities for better world building but that was put aside to fit in more blushing and kissing.

I probably would have really loved this book when I was sixteen. As a thirty year old I'm left imagining ways the story could have been improved.

I'll give defy a 4.5 out of 10.

I'll probably read the next book once it's not $9.99 on my Kindle! I could buy the paperback copy for that price. Get it together Amazon.


  1. "The Twilight eye roll scale" -- loved that! Haha. This book probably wouldn't be my type of thing. Always good to know what to avoid!

  2. Great review! As I was reading, i was thinking, "betcha I'd have liked this when I was a YA". Now? Maybe not so much.