Friday, January 2, 2015

Reign is horrible and I love it

I finally started watching the CW drama Reign. I was firmly in the hell no this will be horrible camp until I found out that Megan Follows aka Anne (with an E thank you very much) of Green Gables is on the show!

Anne is my childhood kindred spirit. I was a very dramatic child and if you've seen or read Anne of Green Gables that was basically me as a child.

So I came to Reign for Megan Follows and stuck around for the pretty things and the DRAMA.

I went into Reign fully expecting it to be very historically inaccurate and I was right. The clothing and hairstyles are what girls today might wear to prom. 

Is this the best prom ever guys?

The names are very CW. I mean come on, no one was named Lola in the 1500s!! 

It's basically trash tv and it's great. Who is the girl running around with a sack over her head? Will Mary and Francis learn to love each other or will she fall for the handsome Bash (that would be Francis' bastard half brother who never existed in real life). I'm team Mash by the way (Mary + Bash).

While I was searching for images from this show I came upon a Tudors fansite bashing the show. I think the person who wrote it had all good points but then I started reading the comments and wow people are flat out calling this show treason and saying it should be banned for "defaming our Queen!" I just don't take a CW show that seriously. If this was on the history channel I would be a bit concerned but it's on a network known for Gossip Girl and the Vampire Diaries.


  1. When Anne of Green Gables was originally aired in 1986/7, I was in 9th grade, hopelessly in love with the actor who played Gilbert, and furiously jealous of Anne who was SUCH AN IDIOT for rejecting his advances.

    1. How could anyone not be in love with Gilbert! He was my dream boy! It always drove me nuts that Anne took so long to be with him. He was so sweet I wanted a Gilbert in my life.