Thursday, January 29, 2015

I have a horrible super power

I have a super power but it's a horrible one.

I attract bees.

I do not attract bees in a nice Snow White way. They're not flying up to me and offering me honey and sitting peacefully on my outstretched hand, no they are out to get me.

When I was a kid almost every time I ran through a sprinkler I'd get stung. One time I stepped on a bee and then when my mom had me sit down on a bench so she could look at the sting I sat on a bee. I mean come on! How does that even happen?

Another time I took a sip of my drink through a straw and felt something weird in my mouth. I spit out a bee. I'm still not over this incident.

I was swimming underwater in a pool and the second I came up for a breath a bee stung me.

It was winter and I was sitting on my mom's bed and a bee came out of nowhere and stung me. Where did you come from? It's winter!

I went to open a window in my closet (my closet had a window when I was a kid) and I put my hand down on a bee. This happened more than once with many different windows.

The worst was when my shack got attacked by wasps at my overnight camp. A wasp flew up my shorts and kept stinging me. I ripped my clothes off and ran but it was dark so I fell and then I threw up from the adrenaline/being stung so many times.

I can usually tell when I'm going to be stung. Like right before it happens I just get this feeling and I know but I can't stop it.

I would wish death on all the bees but we kind of need them around and I do like honey.

Ok so I just googled to find out how bees die after they sting you and basically they rip their abdomen open. You guys I'm not worth ripping yourself open for!

Also I can't stop staring at this picture. Why!!!!!


  1. I am outdoors a lot and I have only been stung twice in 68 years. You are definitely giving off some kind of a pheromone thing. At least you aren't allergic...small consolation.

    1. I can confirm without a doubt that I am not allergic.

  2. Migosh, I thought it was just me! (recalling my recent "summer of the bees) But I think your super power is more super than mine.

    1. ugh yes I remember reading about your bee stings. I hope my bee attraction powers are not spreading to you!

  3. Un-bee-lievable! I have never been stung.