Sunday, January 25, 2015

Taking stims on a whim and forgetting about it

Derek didn't tell me he made me a character in the video game he was playing.

It's hard to read but I have memory lapses and take stimulants on a whim (I don't even drink coffee). Also my age is listed as 31 when I still have two weeks left of being 30. At some point I turned into a zombie. I'm going to play Oregon Trail and we'll see how many days I wait when he gets bit by a snake.

Last night I went out with some lady friends to a Chippendales show. I couldn't see very well because I'm short and girls apparently like to wear high ponytails and hold up their phone for the entire show. We had fun though. There was an older woman sitting in the second row with a knitted red beret. When the show was over and everyone was leaving she just sat there not moving. I wanted to know what she was thinking.

Dressing up to go out when it's snowy and slushy can be a challenge. I tend to go more towards the practical. Fun up top and dry feet on the bottom.

Winter is sexy right?

This top has become my new night out top. I have it in red too. I need to find a couple more tops that I like so I don't look like a trash bag when I hit the town. I'm all about the lace right now.

We're getting hit with a "HISTORIC" blizzard starting Monday night. We're getting possibly two feet of snow which is nothing new. The news folk just like to amp it up to 100 when there's a blizzard coming. I just want a day off work. I have plenty of books and netflix lined up.

What I'm listening to right now:

Can't wait for Gwen's new solor album.

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