Tuesday, January 27, 2015

There's no quiet way to eat Cheetos

I'm working from home today because we're snowed in and by working from home I mean I finished watching the first season of Broad City and looked out my window saying "I don't want to shovel". It's hard work being this lazy.

Derek actually had a "work" conference call this morning so I politely put in my headphones when I was watching Broad City. After my breakfast salad (don't ask) I starting eating some Cheetos. Might as well round out that breakfast, and technically it was brunch since it was almost noon. I tried very hard to eat the Cheetos quietly. I was chewing with my mouth closed with headphones in so for me it sounded like chainsaws but it should have been quiet for everyone else. Keep in mind that the office is off of the living room so I wasn't like sitting three feet away eating Cheetos.

When Derek finished his conference call he told me that I was eating my Cheetos very loudly. In my defense he had the office door open and I was trying to eating them quietly. In conclusion there is no quiet way to eat Cheetos and Derek has sensitive ears.


  1. My wife could hear a Cheeto crunch from 100 yards away.

    1. Derek has way better hearing than I do. I'll admit it.