Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Can't stop, won't stop, complaining

There's an article on CNN titled "Boston: Stop complaining about the snow". Complaining is practically a Boston tradition. After the holidays there's not much happening until spring. It snows, you shovel, you slip and get slush pants, you wait for the T that's never coming and reapeat until spring. You start to go a little crazy and you just have to complain or you really might snap. This is why I have a blog, so I can complain here. I try to keep my Facebook complaining to a minimum but sometimes I just can't help myself. In order to counteract my Facebook complaining I'll be posting cat pictures.

I still try to look on the bright side - my arms should be jacked by spring. So don't mess with me punks.


  1. I think you have received more than enough snow to sanction complaining.

  2. Ditto for Toronto. If someone doesn't want to hear us complain, they can turn their ears away.

    1. I saw you guys are have some really cold weather. Complain away!!!