Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to survive Valentine's Day like it's the zombie apocalypse

Are you single this Valentine's Day? As someone who has spent many a Valentine's Day single here are some tips from me to you. If you're having a hard time coping it's time to go into survival mode and treat Valentine's Day like it's the zombie apocalypse.

1. You might think you're all alone but you will find others.

2. That guy that you slept with that you swore was a one time thing. Maybe he's not so bad and maybe you can't afford to be too picky here.

3. Don't trust a guy who gives himself a fake title like "the Governor". Also if he has an eye patch find out what happened to his eye. If some other woman took his eye out he's probably trouble.

4. Maybe you're not looking for a date on Valentine's Day. May I suggest taking up a hobby like sword fighting.

5. If taking up a hobby seems like too much effort just get a big can of pudding and go to town.

6. After you fall into your pudding coma you'll start dreaming of that perfect guy or girl. You're welcome!

I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day filled with unrealistic expectations and pudding from a can!

*all these gifs are from the Walking Dead and if you're not watching that show GET ON IT.

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