Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I'll never tell

Part of my job is being a "phone bouncer". I screen all calls for the two attorney's I work for. When a potential new client calls I have to get some basic information from them and run a conflict check. If their spouse has already spoken to someone at our firm we can't speak with them. Most people willingly give me that information but others are a little less forthcoming.

The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: What is your spouses name?

Potential Client: Why do I have to tell you that?

Me: It's just for conflict check reasons.

Potential Client: Well I know they didn't call you.

Me: I understand, but I'm just following protocol.

Potential Client: I'll tell the attorney but I'm not telling you.

Me: I'm sorry but I have to run a conflict check before an attorney will speak with you.

Potential Client: FINE!

I remind them that any information they give me will not leave the office but some people just don't wanna tell.


  1. If you have the clients name and his address it can't be that hard to find the spouses name.

    1. Sometimes they don't even want to give me their own name and in that case I really can't help you if you won't tell me who you are.

  2. That's weird.... I agree with joeh, it's probably pretty public info.

  3. Were they married to Voldemort? I mean, I know if you're getting divorced your spouse is not your favorite person, but you can't even say the damn name?