Monday, February 16, 2015

Ginny's got a new toy

Today I finally set up my Fire TV Stick and let me tell you it's awesome. Set up was super easy. Within five minutes I was watching a Robin Williams comedy special. I have Netflix and Amazon Prime so I have plenty of movies and tv shows to watch. So far I've experienced no lagging and it connects via your wifi so I can use my laptop while watching if I so please. You can also download the app and use your smart phone as a controller. A+ my friends.

So the MBTA is kind of sort of but not really running tomorrow and they're saying it may take 30 days before the T resumes normal service. That's if we don't have another blizzard.

I think I'm walking to work tomorrow which will take me at least an hour and it's going to be in the single digits.

I'll take my calls from down here thanks.

In other news that makes me want to cry the Fifty Shades of Grey movie broke some President's Day opening record. I mean who doesn't want to watch a man abuse a woman on the big screen staring two people who hate each other in real life.

What I Consumed This Weekend
  • Did you watch S.N.L. 40th anniversary show? As per usual with S.N.L. there were some hits (Celebrity Jeopardy) and some misses (Bass-o-Mastic). I'm waiting for Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon to have their own show, I just love them together.
  • On the Bachelor Britt needed the whambulance and Chris attempted to rap the whitest rap of all time. "Family means everything so does an engagement ring." I feel a little ill just typing that.
  • I finished reading Radiance by Grace Draven. If you like fantasy and romance I highly recommend it.
  • Everything Karmin puts out is just amazing. They're not afraid to try out different styles of music and always nail it. I've been listening to Yesterday on repeat.
And I'm out!

*I am an amazon affiliate so if you buy the Fire TV Stick through the above link I get a percentage. 

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