Friday, February 20, 2015

That extrovert vibe

I had the best interaction with a stranger last night. I was waiting outside a T station for Derek and this young woman comes over and says hello. We start talking about how cold it is and who we're waiting for at the T station. She tells me that she met a guy at a show a few nights ago and they're meeting up to get burgers. She's twenty years old and her mother keeps texting her to check in because she's never taken the T alone before. She asks if we should huddle together for warmth. I say sure, why not. So this is how Derek found me at the T station - huddled together with a young lady who I've never met before talking about her impending first date.

There's something about me that makes strangers start talking to me. I think it's resting nice face but I also think people can sense if someone has an outgoing personality. You just give off this "talk to me" vibe. People are always asking me for directions or striking up random conversations. I've met some great people who I now call my friends because of this.

My friend Melissa and I met when she worked at my office for about two weeks. She got my name off the office contacts list to see if I wanted to go out. After we became friends I asked her why she called me considering we barely knew each other. Her response was that she wasn't really sure but I just seemed like someone that would be fun to hang out with. That was almost nine years ago.

I'm glad that I give off this extrovert vibe. Although sometimes you attract a creeper or two most times I'm left smiling after the conversation and sometimes I even find a new friend.

I hope my huddle friend had a good first date. She was super sweet and very excited.


  1. That's adorable! I love it when strangers are sweet. I can't say that I give off an extrovert vibe. For better or for worse I tend to befriend people slowly - but then I'm super-loyal and my friendships often last a long time.

    1. Everyone has their own friendship "style". Loyalty is always a good friendship quality :)