Monday, February 2, 2015

The guessing game

It's time to play what is causing Ginny's sore throat? Is it (a) acid reflux or (b) the beginning of a cold? I'm trying to think back to any offending food I might have eaten and I'm giving all my recently sick co-workers the side eye. Colds spread like the plague in my office.

I'm leaning more towards this being a cold and I'll tell you why: my birthday is Wednesday and it's pretty much a tradition that I will be sick on my birthday. The last couple of years I remember having miserable colds around my birthday. If it's a cold I just want to get it over with now before my birthday party on Saturday. I'll also be keeping my diet as heartburn friendly as possible in case it is my reflux. I'm too young to have a stomach this old.

I need to shovel my car out when I get home from work today so I'm sure that will help the situation greatly if this is indeed a cold. Please feel free to light a Lady of Guadalupe candle for me so I will be fully recovered for my birthday party on Saturday.