Thursday, March 26, 2015

Good luck trying to call the court

If you've never experienced calling a court I do not recommend it. First of all you have to say a little prayer that you'll actually get through to a person. Often times the line will just ring and ring with no answer and no voicemail. If you can get a human on the phone it's usually someone not in the department you need so they'll transfer you and most of the time the line will ring with no answer. Sometimes you get transferred and the call just drops, or someone hangs up on you, it can be hard to tell. If you actually make it through to a real live human they're usually pretty nasty to you and make it very clear that they don't have time for this, sometimes by actually saying "I don't have time for this." Oh, I'm sorry you don't have time for your job!

I never go to court but I've heard it's just as bad in person. Oh and some courts still use WordPerfect because apparently it's still the 80s.


  1. No voice mail? WordPerfect? It's amazing what the government gets away with.

    1. Nothing has changed in years. It's crazy.