Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lean Cuisine level fancy

It's been a little while since I've done a photo post so if you like those today is your lucky day!

I'm trying to eat healthier and yes I know Lean Cuisine isn't really "healthy" but I think this was a better option late night than french fries. Baby steps. I took this photo to show off how fancy Lean Cuisine is getting. Oooooh "Marketplace" and a fancy black box. I shall eat this with my pinkie finger out. Only the fanciest frozen dinner for me.

I think I might have possibly gone down a pants size. I mean it has been warmer so I've probably been a little more active. I ordered a pair of shorts once size down so we'll see.

Yesterday was Star Wars Day at Fenway (May the 4th be with you....) I'm not really a baseball fan but my friends were going and it can be fun paying $9.00 for bud light and doing the wave. I did have a good time hanging out with my lady friends and storm troopers.

Germana and Lil-Anne bailed early but Fiona and I "toughed it out" (kidding guys!). Double fisting Bud Lights and trying to do the wave at the same time is hard!

I am so tired to today but you're only semi-young once.

Today's adventures included my co-worker Dana and I filing briefs with the appeals court and then getting our notary renewal taken care of. The room where you take your oath and sign a gigantic book is the most depressing office space I've ever seen. Everyone was quiet and hunched over their desks and just had this look on their face like they were in ground hog day and this is their miserable day over and over again. No thank you. I was very thankful for my lively office environment after experiencing that.

Saw this on  Beacon Hill "Have you hugged your pest management professional today?" I have not but I am very thankful for your services my friend.

Spring has arrived and it's beautiful. I probably take enough antihistamine to tranquilize a horse but it's the only way I can feel human. God bless benadryl.


  1. You should check out the Healthy Choice Steamers! They actually taste pretty good! And normally you can get them on sale.

  2. Dinner in a pretty box - tempting!
    Star Wars, baseball, and Bud Light. How very American!
    Is it immature to say that I giggled at your "co-worker Dana and I filing briefs"?

  3. Now I would never have thought of taking a selfie with a Lean Cuisine meal. Did you get the idea from Kim Kardashian's book on selfies?

  4. Haven't hugged him or her lately. There was big scandal here last year when a pest control guy used illegal chemicals and killed a whole lot of things that weren't supposed to be killed.

  5. Butternut squash ravioli sounds delicious! Was it?