Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yard borrowing

I saw this photo on my phone from last night and laughed.

I didn't realize it was a blurry mess when I took it. I think we all had a good time at Kerry and Doug's cookout. We all crammed into the little side yard which is what you have to do when you have a cookout in the city. I haven't had a yard for a few years so I must take advantage of my friend's yards even if they're small.

Today I'm trying to tackle some packing for our impending move. Bosco is tackling being lazy and in the way as usual.

He's cute though, I'll give him that. He thinks all of these boxes are for him to sleep in or on. Did you know that if you're in the military they will send people over to pack everything for you? That would be nice. I really hate moving and as August 1st gets closer I'm anxious about getting everything done.

Hopefully I'll be seeing Jurassic World with my mother tomorrow. Bring on the dinosaurs!


  1. Quick! Join the military! Well, maybe not...
    Happy packing!

    1. Ha ha I don't think I would make through one day of boot camp.

  2. What is it with cats and boxes? Make sure Bosco doesn't end up inside one of the boxes. :D

  3. My parents' cats were thrilled when they moved, and totally disappointed when they realized that the stacks of boxes were not a permanent feature of the new house.