Sunday, September 27, 2015

Thrift store werewolf

I haven't done a photo post in a while so if you like those you're in luck.

Let me tell you about Brookline. It's pretentious, has good bars/restaurants, lots of wealthy people with some college kids mixed in and it's lovely. You can live on the T and be close to the city but not live in the city dump known as Allston. I live right on the boarder so I'm in Brookline all the time. Seeing the FOUR Baby on Board stickers I was like, yea this is 100% a Brookline car. A car parked two spots away was also sporting some Baby on Board stickers. As we all know Baby on Board stickers prevent accidents. I was going to hit your car but now that I know a baby might be in there, I changed my mind.

Do you remember the plant the was left above my mailbox? Humor me and say you do.

How could I not take this plant? This was before I cut it down a bit. It was a little wild.

Last night I met up with Germana in Allston for some dinner and drinks. I took a quick pic of myself on the way because I thought my hair was looking good (after taking the pic I think that's up for debate). I'm also actually wearing lipstick here. WHAAAA?

I'm not normally a big makeup person but I think I should give lipstick a shot more often. Start with more subtle colors and then go CRAZY.

I should have ordered the giant sangria at Sunset. Live and learn. Germana got to enjoy that lovely drink.

My disgusting dinner. It's actually delicious but you feel horrible about yourself after eating it. There's spinach artichoke dip on the top there. I'm actually on day 3 of a diet. Basically I'm just trying to cut back on the amount of food I eat and trying to make better choices. I probably shouldn't have ordered this but I barely made a dent in it and I stopped before I was full. I call that a success. I also went for a nice walk today and was good with my other meals.

So what should I be for Halloween this year? Creepy thrift store werewolf? I was actually quite impressed with this display. Maybe after I walked by his head slowly lifts up because he's alive!

WHAT IS THIS KNOTTY PINE? One of my favorite moments of American Horror Story. The MBTA is a real treat design wise.

I'm so glad it's almost October and praying to the tv Gods the new season of AHS doesn't suck as bad Freak Show. Will Lady Ga Ga be good or will this be the final death blow of AHS?

It's bath time and I'm the bathtub. I've accepted my fate.


  1. Ha, kinda big on those "baby on board" stickers! Maybe they post them as a public service, as in "I've got a baby in the car so I'm not paying attention at all to my driving. Look out!"

  2. I like the looks of your new boyfriend (I'm a sucker for horns) and can’t wait to see some baby pictures.

    The plant is an aloe vera. Surely you know this, but you just called it a plant, so I thought I would tell you what it was just in case. Its juice is good for burns.