Thursday, September 24, 2015

The universe can suck it right now

My mother called me this afternoon crying to tell me that Mr. Binx most likely has cancer. I feel horrible and I would like to request that the universe give my mom a break already! He is still eating and getting around ok. My mother said he was even playing with a toy mouse when they got home. She's not going to have further testing done or pursue treatment. Once he starts declining she'll bring him in to the vet so he won't have to suffer. Ugh! Why you do this universe? Can we get a miracle here?

I'll try to leave this post on a happy note.

I came home from work today and there was an overgrown aloe plant above my mailbox. Clearly the plant was meant to have a new home with me. I took him inside and trimmed him down. He was a little wild. He now resides in the bedroom where he will be safe from Bosco's teeth. I've also decided the plant is a "he". I think once I get the curtains up and maybe some white lights, the window area will look pretty cute.

Maybe that was more of a weird note to end on but finding the plant brightened my mood a bit after the cat news. Give your pets extra pets tonight.


  1. I am very sorry to hear it. One of my aunt's two kitties died a couple of days ago. So sad. I remember him as a little, fuzzy, grey kitten. R.I.P. Pepper! :-(

    1. I'm sorry for your aunt :( It's always tough losing a pet

  2. Aw, how sad. Sorry for your mom. And you. I've lost two beloved cats and one beloved dog. It's never easy.