Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Like a happy Halloween balloon

Bosco is now trying a venison based cat food. He seems to be less itchy but time will tell. I have spent so much money trying different foods. Just ask my bank account how much I love my cat.

I finally sent my old purse out to pasture. It was fraying and starting to get holes. This new one has fun pockets. I wish I could remember which pockets I put all my things in. We're still learning each other.

The stairs are doing me good! This mirror came via my mother and will go in the bedroom. I was at my mother's and mentioned that I wanted a mirror for the bedroom and she's like "hold on a second!" runs into her bedroom and pulls this out from under her bed. Of course my mother would have a giant spare mirror lying around.

Ugh the gross disgusting oozing pipe mentioned in my previous post. Crimson Peak house is no fun without Tom Hiddelston.

I love supermarket displays. Look how fun and happy these balloons are just floating around.

Derek worked late so no soup for me. I was good though and ordered a grilled chicken salad. I really wanted the mac & cheese bites too but my willpower is surprisingly strong today.


  1. I'm feeling strong willed with food too, because inn saving myself for Halloween treats!

  2. Love that purse! But what IS that running down your pipes??

  3. That's a fantastic display! My closest supermarket just puts out a giant cardboard box full of pumpkins, and the ones at the bottom inevitably rot.