Friday, October 2, 2015

There's going to be a murder near isle three

I have a problem where I seem to always pick the most annoying line at the supermarket. There was only one person ahead of me this morning when I went to purchase my gallon of water. The woman had on giant sunglasses and a sweater coat. I should mention that it is very cloudy and dark in Boston today and she is wearing sunglasses inside. Maybe she has a medical condition like Bono from U2? I can't be sure but I'm just going to assume she doesn't and she's weird.

Sunglasses lady was purchasing a single cup of noodles. Of course she was paying with change, which is fine but she kept changing her mind on what change she wanted to give. Does she pay with two quarters or does she pay with nickles and dimes? Apparently this was a big decision and one that I really don't care about. Once she finally pays the cashier this conversation happens.

cashier: Do you want a bag?

annoying lady: No.

cashier: Ok have a nice day.

Cashier rings up my water. Annoying lady is still standing there and looking at the cashier.

cashier: Do you need something?

annoying lady: I need a bag.

cashier: I asked you if you needed a bag for your soup and you said no.

annoying lady: I need it for my sweater. *points to another sweater that she's holding in her elbow*

Cashier rips off a plastic bag and hands it out too her. Annoying lady holds out her sweater. Cashier continues to hold the bag out for her to take. It's a supermarket standoff. Annoying lady finally takes the bag and gives me a look like "can you believe this cashier lady?"


Annoying lady slowly walks away. Is she on drugs? Is she just a bitch? Why is this happening first thing in the morning?

cashier: I asked her if she wanted a bag and she said no! What is wrong with people?!

I don't know cashier, I really don't know.


  1. Ugh, if we knew the answer to the cashiers question we'd be rich!

  2. I am always in that line too.

  3. I used to be a retail cashier. That job was probably my biggest motivation for college.

  4. For Pete's sake. I'm with joeh - I'm always in that line too.

  5. I'm sorry you guys end up in those lines too!