Sunday, October 4, 2015

King Richard's Faire

I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life and yet this was my first time going to King Richard's Faire. King Richard's faire is a Renaissance faire on the South Shore that runs every year in September and October. It was a bit chilly today but there was still a good crowd.

On to ye old photos!

Tis me on a chair

Would you like to purchase a left handed mug or perhaps a right handed mug?

 Jousting! It made me nervous because they really hit each other pretty good.

My absolute favorite show - Jacques Ze Whipper.

Derek got called up to participate ha ha. I think he could sense that Derek was like please don't pick me.

This poor guy was so nervous his hands were shaking. He was a good sport though.

Giant turkey leg.

The parade with the King and Queen

I acquired a flower crown. When in Rome right?

I have two videos of Jacques Ze Whipper whipping and singing. It's pretty great. Check it out below.


  1. Wonderful! That Jacques is quite the performer. I am impressed by his improv lyrics.

    1. He did a few other songs and they were all requests. The best was some little girl yelled out "the rent sound track!" He did do "five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred whippings!" I wish I had gotten that one on video

  2. How fun! We have a Renaissance faire near here every summer. I haven't been in about 30 years - whatta loser. Whips and fire! Impressive!

  3. I'm always impressed at the lengths the participants in Ren fairs go through. It's weirdly fascinating.