Saturday, October 24, 2015

Turnip is very underrated if you ask me

It's Saturday and I had pizza for breakfast. I think that's a good start to the day.

My mother called me and told me about the pumpkin she's doing for a pumpkin carving contest at her work (they use foam pumpkins, not real ones). She is making her pumpkin into a cat and asked me if it would be weird if she used some fur she saved from Mr. Binx. The answer is YES. So that's how I found out my mother is saving cat fur.

I have a Halloween party tonight and still haven't made my costume. Better get on that. I also want to dye my hair but I don't know if I'm too lazy for that today.

I really want some butternut squash soup. I'm craving all the fall foods right now. Fall is a good food season. I love pumpkin, butternut squash and turnip. Mmmmmm turnip.

I'm so glad I found this picture. It's pretty much exactly how I feel about turnip.

If you want a laugh check out this book on Amazon - Gaygent Brontosaurus: The Butt is Not Enough. I can't stop laughing at the book cover. It's amazing.


  1. That's a cute photo, but you won't find me queuing up for a serving of turnip. I like veggies, but turnip and brussels sprouts are not my favourites.

    1. I love brussel sprouts too. I think I'm not in the norm though.

  2. I can't remember the last time I had anything turnip. Clearly I'm missing out on the good life.