Sunday, October 25, 2015

Crafting for the cat lady

I did many October Halloween things this weekend. I want to a Halloween party on Saturday night and today I carved a pumpkin. Sadly all the pictures I took from the Halloween party are on instagram but did not save to my phone. My phone is being a right jerk these days and I need to get a new one before I lose my mind. If you want to see my costume here it is.

I think I want to have a different costume for Halloween but I might not have enough time to put something together. I'm trying to get those creative juices flowing.

I do have some pumpkin carving photos since I had my digital camera with me.

My mother's cat pumpkin with real cat fur for the ears! Yes she did that. 

I mean seriously. Can I live on the water now please? Gorgeous!

I have to say I think my mother's cat pumpkin came out really good. She used a foam pumpkin and spray painted it black. The head is yarn. I have a foam pumpkin but still don't know what to do with it. There will be no actual cat hair involved. I just can't hard core craft like my mom.

My throat is killing me right now from going to the dentist. It happens every time I get a cleaning. It sets off my heartburn. I think it might be the mouthwash. Why does my body hate me when I'm just trying to get my teeth bones cleaned?

I ate way too much junk today. Tomorrow I shall do better and eat my greens. The weekend glutton party is ovah.


  1. Some excellent pumpkin carving!

  2. That party looks super-fun, and the pumpkins turned out amazing.

    1. I thought they came out good too! I love a ton of pumpkins all lit up.