Sunday, December 13, 2015

A true treasure for all cat lovers

The weekend has blown by and now it's Sunday night and I'm bored. I'm waiting for my kindle to charge so I can read the new book I downloaded. I did laundry and cleaned the bathroom and walked to the supermarket and bought groceries. Boredom makes me productive at least.

Friday night I had dinner with friends at Live Noodles.They are known for their hand pulled noodles.

Lanzhou beef lamian, or Lanzhou beef hand-pulled noodle, is a type of Chinese noodle dish originated in Lanzhou, China, and generally popular in China. It is referred to as "beef noodle" or "beef big bowl” in Lanzhou. It is sometimes simply called lamian , which means hand-pulled noodle in Chinese, or "beef lamian" elsewhere in China.

Kit ordered for everyone and it was delicious.

Mmmm now I'm hungry for noodles and scallion pancakes. I ended up not making it to a friend's birthday party after dinner. Just too tired. Friday's are rough I tell ya.

Saturday I traveled to the far away land of Chelsea for an ugly sweater party. I mean you have to drive over the Tobin bridge which costs a small fortune in tolls. My co-worker Dana picked out this sweater for me because cats. I should also point out that my sweater is not ugly. It's beautiful, a true treasure for all cat lovers.

Target was out of adult sizes so this is actually from the kids section. I definitely am not kids sized so I really have no idea how this fits. My red hair has faded so much and I didn't blow dry my hair so it looks like utter crap in these pics. I'm still posting them though to show off the sweater.

Why you live so far Lilly? Thank you for hosting. I better win the guess how much candy is in the jar contest. I can't eat the candy but I'll take the money thanks.

Besides the excitement of cat sweaters and cleaning my bathroom I watched a lot of Psych. I've seen episodes here and there but now I'm watching it from the beginning. The show speaks my language which is sarcasm and witty retorts.

I have to actually do some Christmas shopping this week. Everyone's getting bacon, how about that. Easy and delicious. I have no clue what to get for my boss. Suggestions welcomed.


  1. I love that kitty sweater!! Best thing ever.

  2. Meowy Christmas. I want that sweater!

  3. The sweater suits you! I will not be wearing an ugly sweater this Christmas because I'm not cool enough to get away with it. :D

  4. Ooh, handmade noodles... now I want to go to the Pacific Mall food court. Yum.

    That sweater is adorable!