Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas is happening

This blogpost is brought to you by sugar in the form of Snickerdoodle cookies.

I can't believe Christmas is next week! I keep telling myself I have plenty of time to do my shopping since Christmas is in two weeks. It most definitely is not in two weeks and I better get to shopping like right now.

Yesterday was our office holiday party at the Capital Grille. Somehow I ended up eating three different types of potatoes.

The fries and the mashed potatoes came for the whole table while the chips came with my meal. I sampled all but tried not to go overboard. Potatoes are my weakness. 

My secret santa got me wine and a cat coaster. Well done secret santa.

New Years Eve plans are being thrown around but nothing is firmed up yet. I have a feeling we'll end up out somewhere but I'm fine with staying home too. Not having to bundle up to head out and deal with crowded bars is certainly appealing. Although with the way our weather has been so far this winter it could be 60 degrees. There is the possibility of attending a Star Wars themed New Years party at a bar in Boston. Admission includes a lightsaber!

Speaking of Star Wars, I do plan on seeing Episode VII but I'm going to wait for the initial frenzy to die down. I can only imagine how crazy opening night will be. The critics have been reviewing the movie very favorably and I'm a big J.J. Abrams fan so I'm pretty excited to see it. 

Check out this Star Wars duel at the Fencing Senior World Championships. Impressive and fun to watch.


  1. I can't believe it's only a week until Christmas either. I have bought all my presents but no food yet, and as we are entertaining 20 people on Christmas day I feel I ought to start soon!

    You know what we call crisps you call chips? It does get confusing sometimes. :D

  2. I had the anxious revelation that Christmas is just one week away last night. Then I went on an online retail frenzy. So, like Joe, I'm finished except for the food. Most notably - potatoes.

    Wine and a cat coaster - nice!

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  4. hi ginny, what a lovely post! i can hardly believe christmas is just around the corner. i found your blog via fellow bloggers and am glad i did.

    have a very merry christmas!:))

  5. Admission includes a lightsaber? Sign me up! ;-)