Sunday, January 24, 2016

Colds and winter birthdays are the worst

I've been a miserable sneezy mess all week. I felt it coming on early last week and I was hoping it was just allergies but no, it's a cold. Blast you winter! I had been planning on getting my license renewed but I believe they need a new photo from me and I don't want to look like Rudolph on my license. Who came up with the idea of your license expiring on your birthday? Happy birthday you have to go to the DMV sucker!

I knew I had to be a good girl and rest up so I stayed in all weekend which is very rare for me. I didn't leave the apartment except for a trip to the corner store. I read my book, I watched Pride & Prejudice and the new PBS drama Mercy Street, I took naps, I made myself pancakes, I stared out the window at the snow. I get bored pretty easily when stuck inside but I tried to make the best of it.

Saturday night I really want a glass of wine or a beer but I knew that would be a bad idea. The wine and the beer will be there when I'm better. I probably wouldn't have been able to really taste it and that's what I was craving, the taste, so no point in drinking when you can't even taste it.

I'm starting to feel better today. As much as I hate getting sick at least I got it out of the way before my birthday party next weekend. Last year Derek was sick for my party and the year before it was me. We're aiming for no one being sick this year.

I wish I had a summer birthday. You don't have to worry about snowstorms, colds or the Super Bowl interrupting your birthday plans. One year I'm going to go somewhere tropical on my birthday so I can see what it's like to have a "summer" birthday. It's good to have goals.


  1. You're right. Dead of winter is not a good time for birthday celebrations. But even if you weren't sick, the DMV photo would make it look like you were. How DO they do that?

    Get well! I hope you're tasting those alcoholic beverages soon!

  2. Oh no poor you, I hope you feel better now? I can relate, my birthday is next week, way too close to Christmas for my liking!