Wednesday, January 6, 2016


It seems everyone has been having a tough time getting back to the grind this week. After a mild Christmas here in Boston winter has arrived. It was 8 degrees when I woke up yesterday. My gloves are nowhere to be found and I didn't bother to look before it got cold because it hadn't felt like winter yet.

Despite the cold, the sun is shining and we're halfway through the week.

I also have some homemade chicken soup waiting for me at home for dinner. I suppose that's one good thing about the cold. Soup time.

Things I did over the weekend:

+ Took mom to hot pot for the first time with Derek. She liked it!
+ Visited my cousin and baby Kallie. Welcome to the world little lady.
+ Finished the latest season of Wentworth on Netflix.

Frankie and Ferguson are still my favorite characters. Ferguson is just so evil but it makes for good tv.

Me when someone takes the last french fry.

So that's my midweek update. Hope you had a good start to 2016.


  1. It was 12 degrees here and I just, I can't. I'm over it already!

    1. I feel ya and winter has just begun!

  2. I'm cold, too. Not ready, too coddled.

  3. Same glove situation happened to me. I found one glove. That's almost worse than not finding any. Luckily I have backup. Enjoy the soup.