Sunday, February 28, 2016

All the tequila, Fuller House and will Leo finally win his Oscar?

I met up with some lady friends Friday night for dinner and a viewing of Magic Mike XXL at the Brattle in Harvard Square. I was tired but rallied for the sake of Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello.

We had dinner at Border Cafe which I hadn't been to in years. It's usually so crowded that I don't even bother but there margaritas are only $6.00! That's cheap and they were good. I ate way too many tortilla chips but when they're hot and fresh I can't resist.

There were two girls sitting at a table next to us and they were sharing one frozen margarita. Who shares a margarita? Not this girl. I admire their willpower.

For contrast here was our table.

Saturday night we ordered Indian food and it was really good. I haven't had Indian in a while because the spices can bother me. Luckily they made my saag paneer very mild. It really hit the spot.

I watched a few episodes of Fuller House. I grew up with Full House so I had to check it out. It's pretty much what I expected. Kimmy Gibbler is still my favorite. I love her bacon and eggs scarf that she rocks in the second episode. The show is corny and cheesy but so was the original.

I also watched Interstellar on Amazon Prime. I definitely got choked up at a few parts. Visually it's stunning and it certainly makes you think. I recommend it. I do not recommend naming your daughter "Murphy".

I did take a break from all this tv watching and did some chores and went for a walk since it was in the mid 50s today. I saw some crocuses in full bloom. Bring on spring baby!

I'll be watching the Oscars tonight in hopes that Leo finally wins his Oscar. I don't know why I care about him winning. I mean the guy is rich and dates supermodels. I'm sure he'll be fine without an Oscar, but I just want to see him win. If he does win he has to make some joke about finally winning or even better the crying Leo meme.



  1. You're a girl after my own heart - margaritas, chips, favorites! I hadn't seen the Leo crying meme - funny! He was a class act last night.

  2. Crocuses! Spring! You are giving me hope. Thank you.