Sunday, March 27, 2016

Save your change and Anime Boston

Does anyone else like finding change? I went to do laundry this afternoon and found a penny in the bottom of the washing machine. Since these are shared machines I usually find some change when I go to do laundry. I put it in my pocket and then put it in my change jar.

I remember listening to a local radio show a while back and one of the hosts of the morning show said he threw his change in the trash! He didn't like carrying it around. I couldn't believe it! Just put it in a change jar and bring it to coinstar or your bank. Why throw money away? Right now I'm saving up for a wedding so every penny counts.

Finding a penny was not the highlight of my weekend though. That would be Anime Boston. I don't actually attend but it's a convention held near my work so I like walking around and checking out all the costumes. My work holds a contest every year to see who can get the best photo. There are actually prizes (provided by my boss). My friend Ashley actually attends so I got to see her after work on Friday and catch up.

 Here's Ashley, being Ashley.

 And me if I had white hair. Not bad!

Now I have to decide which photos to enter into the contest at work.


  1. In throw spare change and loose bills in my Jeep console. I am never caught without toll or gas money. We also throw loose change in a jar and about twice a year cash it in at the bank like you say...generally brings at least $80 a trip. That DJ was lying and just trying to sound provocative, DJ's don't get paid enough to throw spare change away.

  2. Those conventions are a hoot! I love the work that some attendees put into their cosplay. And I always enjoy a good Harley Quinn mallet.

    Whenever I find loose change, I figure it's from my dead loved ones.

  3. I always keep loose change too! Hey, it adds up. My step daughter is heavy into Anime. She runs a local chapter of it or something (She's 30 now and lives about an hour and a half away so I don't see her as much). She makes all her costumes and some for friends too, and they are really intricate and beautiful.

  4. Nice! Those convention costumes are always so impressive.

  5. Ah, pennies... too bad we don't have them in Canada anymore. :-(

    Those photos are great! I like the one of you with the white wig and the one with the silly-big hammer.