Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Your daily dose of public transit wackiness

I suppose the most exciting part of my day was when a woman jumped in front of my bus because the bus driver wouldn't stop to let her on. No one gets off at this stop because it's the first stop right outside the bus station. She started banging on the front of the bus demanding that the bus driver let her on. The bus driver kept yelling that the bus was full and there was another bus right behind him. He actually wasn't lying about that. I saw the other bus pull in when we left the station. This woman was having none of it. She was going to stand in the road in front of the bus until the driver let her on.

Some of the people on the bus were telling the bus driver we could try to make room and to let her on. I was of the mindset of no way in hell, she's crazy and I'd rather not ride the bus with her. Eventually the bus driver let her on and I gave her my best stink eye. Thank you for holding up the whole bus during rush hour!

I feel like I got quite a bit done today. I was very productive at work, I fit in some walking, I ran an errand, I made beef and broccoli for dinner that actually came out good AND I did almost an hours worth of cleaning.

I'm trying this new thing where I get off my ass more, even if it's just cleaning. I could stand to be neater. My co-workers make me feel like I'm just wallowing around in filth. Lilly mops all of her floors every day! Each time someone uses the toilet they have to clean it with bleach. She is always cleaning. I'd rather watch Netflix than mop my floors. I'm hoping the more I do it the more it just becomes a habit, although I don't think I will ever wash my floors every day.

Well I'm calling it a night. Time to do more dishes. I do them the old school way, by hand.


  1. Er, it sounds like Lilly has OCD. Or germophobia. Or both. Why disinfect the toilet after every use? No one is planning on eating out of it, right? And my philosophy is that the floor should look clean and not crunch when you walk on it, but anything more than that is overkill. After all, it's THE FLOOR.

    1. I agree with you and so does Lilly ha ha. She has said she has OCD.